Independent Escorts in Bangalore

An Escorts Speaks on the business of escorting in Bangalore

An Escorts Speaks on the business of escorting in Bangalore
If the business of escorting was legal there had to be a clause of depreciation on the years of working by an escort the more we work and more experiences we are our value goes down unlike in the corporate field where experience gained is an advantage.
Escorting business  is not just a service industry managing the lustful needs of the Satyriasis in the society and  we women are always in demand and are a scarcity product in the market and Escorting industry caters to the ever going power struggle for sex  which no politicians or any religion was able to stop and  escorts  and their patrons are marauders in the darkness of archaic night.
Escorting is the supreme triumph of a democratic country and  Worst of all women who are escorting do not ever enjoy the sex and are ATM  Any time Masturbation Aids and an escort is paid for her services and is sold from one man to another and when the business of sex is over an escort is blamed for her betrayal to  the womanhood in general .
Escorting is an act  when motivated by the  urge of a man that may be categorized as a  psychological addiction urging and tempting a man to do sin full acts and needs a partner in crime to enable the same sin and the final out come is the women is blamed in full for the sin committed ! !
The results can be disastrous when escorting is banned in complete and rapes can be on rise and a man is left with no option to unleash his sexual frustrations and we escorts are shields for the women hood protecting them from the shameful acts of a man who can never be contended to one women.
We escorts have made a realistic approach to the business with honesty and know how to value our assets and sell upfront with total transparency in the transaction and in this world of fraudulent business activities We consider our barter business as the most legitimate and a honest deal by both the individuals involved.
In our eyes we see the wife's in wed lock as a species with expectations and greediness and with no true love as portrayed to the society and they are aliens who get locked up with a man in a system which had been named as wedding and ultimately the beneficiary is the the lady herself  who claims all rights over the man and his property and we play a fair game of transacting with a man  and get paid only for the services we do offer and no more or less after the deal is over.
The real beneficiary in the business of escorting is the protectors of the legal system and the politicians and we are been used from time immemorial   as the scapegoats in their acts of survival.
We silently go with the wind with no sound of whispers on with the life of escorting with a sense of pride living a life that is has a meaning in the heaven where we will  have a word of praise for our acts in this world.
We live our life as escorts and as shield to the women hood in the society.