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"We harlots are paid for baring our self as we sluts reveal our self in full we get paid for the act."

A new tribe of women are entering this escorting trade for a quick money either to buy a good mobile phone or a fancy car and once the job is over they just fade in the thin air.

The rebellious independent female escorts are either house wife, students or working class women pursuing the job of escorting either as part time or for the time being to fulfill their short time desires.

The new women coming into this field of escorting had taken a new turn with more and more new comers aspiring to make a quick money seeking the assistance of a reputed escort agency.

The inflow had increased multi fold as we see more women pinging us in what app and in mails seeking advice on safety as priority as we suggest the best possible way to do it in a safer way.

In general we admin running the Gfe in Bangalore see lots of girls coming as new comers who are seeking safety and privacy as priority rather than the quick money they do seek in short time as we lots of them pouring in nowadays as we do justice in what business we are into.

We rather not speak the language of crusaders here with the new comers in escorting trade as we cannot put more burden n a women who had come all the way after fighting with the thought of pursuing the path of escorting we cannot afford to dilute her mind further.

We admins at Gfe team openly confess we do not try to advice anyone to stay away from this escorting trade as we are fully aware we are not doing the job of almighty here.

Even if we do advice women are of the nature to avoid us and seek an alternative person who is ready to capitulate her.
We just assist the girls and just give a piece of advice to leave this as soon as possible and not to visualize more into this profession of escorting with aspirations to make more money.

We mostly see girls coming and going once their task is over and of late we see most of them pursuing this job of escorting as part time. As admins to this Gfe world in Bangalore we are clear in our duty of assisting and providing safety to those who genuinely seek refuge in us.

We neither take up the task of advising the lady who has come to us seeking an obligation as we just do our duty of providing the lady with genuine Gfe seekers.

A lady who seeks refuge is to be pitied upon rather than corrupting her with crusading thoughts as we Gfe team continue our services in providing the invincible gfe in Bangalore, not to over run the thought of being a crusader we prefer minding our business rather than proxy run the business of almighty here in this world.

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