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Poems drafted by female escorts  

"We harlots exist on debauched men who seek to quench their lust in orifices of a moll" 

I am a bitch with bones and harmonies
That's what I am.
Within rhymes of this paragraphs.
Within the space between the lines of a prose.
Within the gap in middle of heartbeats.
Within the sound in the silence.
And in the peace in the storm.
I lie in the form of fragment of sand lying on the ground
Within the depths of my brightness and beyond heights of your reach
I am the swift, surprising transition from nothing to everything you preach
Nor i am the means, nor the end
I do not arrive. I never commend.
The more you'll know me of a hustler the more you ll know that you are not getting to know me better but getting to know me less
And the more you get to know me as a Hooker, the bigger will be the mess
I don't know who I am
But I ll never be someone you get to keep down deep
I am just a dream after all, come and find me when you go back to sleep.

I am a slut living to lust a man.
I write to pour myself before this world my anguish.
Beyond the sand and far off gloom.
There was a space where we did not cease.
My soul now carries an incomplete tale
Like an eye of the storm longing for peace

We lie unnoticed in the archives
Without any traces of us in the glory
For love beyond the loveless cant survive
Cause once upon a time,you just loved me in a story.

You have left me thirsty in an ocean of unending quest
And your love filled my glass to the brim
Yet now my restlessness lies in the rest.
Drowning in silence with nowhere to swim.
I am now a re seller of  love and lust and i barter sex for a living.

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