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"We Independent escorts in Bangalore would not have breached this silence from our end and we needed to expose our self in this world and this way of expressing our thoughts in this website is in no way a marketing gimmick from the call girls in Bangalore but another honest attempt in our confessions in our professional life as an escort in Bangalore"

We do have a family and none of our parents had dreamt of us becoming escorts and we had pursued this profession of escorting on destiny dooming on us.

We escorts in Bangalore were brought up like any other kids with good education and fine grooming by our parents and when we discuss this matter internally within our colleagues what made them choose this path of escorting the blame was abruptly in the society and the politics in this country.

When the whole world is dumping India to be a nation of poor wages and the advent of call centers paying peanuts to their employees and a decent professional career in this competitive world is a nightmare and living a life in CTS of 3 lacs per ' is meeting the ends with no savings at the end of the day.

We in India had been long lived and ruled by kings and queens and after that era we were ruled by the British and once democracy dawned on India we are yet to come out of the jet lag of slavery in our blood.

The result of which the rich nations are still pounding on us Indians with economic sanctions and we still believe in becoming being the best Nation on this earth.

Escorting does prevail in the third world countries and most of the countries had dealt with the situation with the changing scenario and Germans are to be laurelled for When Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 it was a dawn of a new business worth 15 billion euro’s a year.

15 billion Euro a year is no small money and when the Indian defense budget for the year ending 2016 is mere 75730 crore.

Check the above data on Google for verification.

Too much of economic stuff above and no personal confessions of escorts and nowhere in this site will you be able to find stimulating words or porn alluring narration of sex and all what is written is by professional escorts in Bangalore and we do not believe in stimulating the readers and what we effectively are doing is bringing a positive approach to the problem of escorting business in India.

The porn Industry who are selling sex videos and books which may portray and contain sexual content are intended to stimulate and arouse a man and we escorts in Bangalore never honestly intend to sell our self by gimmick marketing.

When a magician is honest in selling his tricks and a clown in a circus survives with his pranks and for that matter an orator with his linguistic skills why not we escorts in Bangalore live by quenching the lust of men.

When the third world countries have started to realize and started to make revenues out of the thriving profession of prostitution and why not India.

We have a tradition of devadis system in India and prostitution was thriving in India way behind our ancestors and may 2017 be the right time for the dawn of legalized brothels in India.

Let's hope for the best.

 "African Black men hate being called as Negros and we escorts in Bangalore do not appreciate being called as bitch or a slut"

We Escorts in Bangalore had let go of the life we had planned and dreamt for us to live the life of an escort that had bequeathed us and ensure the next person in our family does not inherit this profession of escorting.

We chose the profession of escorting and on a daily basis we choose to embrace humility and joy that comes in ascending and descending order and we are used to the good and bad of men.

We escorts are mentally prepared for any dreaded of men and are trained better in tackling any situation in the darkness of the night single-handedly.

We pride in pursuing a career as a female escort in Bangalore and are constantly writing in this web site to voice our concerns in this society.

We are deflowered women trying live a life by quenching the lust of satyromania men and we female escorts do understand the law of the land and know our boundaries here in this playing field.

We are not in the escorting business full time but are freelancing women who are either students house wife or working class women and are pursuing the escorting profession for quick money.

Our generous clients do have a beautiful wife’s or a girl friend and women in general presume or assume that being beautiful is enough to keep his man from straying with more women and men are usually in the habit of finding the extra more and a women needs to understand being a tigress in the bed only may help a lot in taming your man.

When we are in close encounters with your men we do happen to see the social media and happy pictures of the family of our (your ) men and men usually pride in showing a happy wife and all we could do is pity the lady and pride in possessing his man for a while.

The purpose of writing this is not portray our (your ) men in the mean side but to emphasis and stress the matter of concern between the couples and men in particular needs to be honest to his lady whom we keep seeing every day and she deserves all the love and we are just escorts on hire on hourly basis.

We do dance to the tunes and we are dancing to the color of money and our whispers and warm embraces are honestly are services offered for the donations given and will evanesce and fade away once the time has elapsed and we call girls in Bangalore stress the above to all our men.

We female escorts in Bangalore are hired lovers and we get hired by the hour.

Addiction in any form is dangerous and abusing the addiction is the worst case scenario and womanizing is a kind of addiction which only cure is love from the family members.

We escorts are trained artists in the art of love to tow tons of men out of their happy married life and the world is stuffed with enough men for our survival.

We are aware of our short-lived career as an escort and will ensure we do our best in this short lived life span of an escort.